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JET organisation

The role of EFDA
The “European Fusion Development Agreement” (EFDA) provides the umbrella under which the European partners, called Associates, coordinate the work in the field of fusion as a sustainable energy source. This research includes the collective use of the JET experiment.

picture of Francesco Romanelli

Francesco Romanelli, EFDA Associate Leader for JET

Fusion research under EFDA
The EFDA Associate Leader for JET, currently Francesco Romanelli, ensures the collective use of the JET facilities. He is assisted by the Close Support Unit, an international team staffed with secondees from the European Associates and from the European Commission.
Selecting and implementing the most fruitful experiments on JET proposed by scientists is a vital task for EFDA. On behalf of the latter the United Kingdom’s fusion Association, CCFE, operates the JET facilities which includes maintenance and refurbishments required to realise the given scientific goals.

chart showing the funding of JET in 2011

Funding of JET in 2011

How JET is funded
The funding to run JET and to execute the experiments is provided by EURATOM, by the European Associations, and by CCFE as host. The amount each party contributes is subject to negotiations on an annual basis. In 2011 EURATOM provides the main part, 65 %. All EURATOM associations (including CCFE) put 21 % into the experiment. Due to its additional role as a host and operator CCFE contributes the remainder.