drawing of the EFDA buildings

EFDA Communications Office

Petra Nieckchen
phone: +49-89-3299-4123
Petra.Nieckchen AT efda DOT org

Aline Dürmaier
phone: +49-89-3299-4263
aline.duermaier AT efda DOT org

phone: +49-89-3299-4195
webmaster AT efda DOT org

Editor Fusion in Europe
Christine Rüth
phone: +49-89-3299-4128
christine.rueth AT efda DOT org

Visiting JET

Our partner CCFE run special tours to the JET facilities.
Please contact CCFE for tickets for the open evenings at   Culham Science Science Centre.

Media contact for JET

On behalf of EFDA JET contact  Nick Holloway (CCFE)
phone: +44 (0) 1235 46 6232
nick.holloway AT ccfe.ac DOT uk

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