Remote data access

People who belong to a EURATOM Association or an institution with a collaboration agreement can get access to the following services:

1) EFDA Users’ web site:

Please request a password to access if you need:

  • access to the website outside your institution’s firewall
  • access to the EUROfusion Consortium section (incl. Mission Applications) or the ITER Physics Wiki or JET Users’ section
  • access to general information as a visitor or Secondee

Please note: Your EFDA IDM password is not valid 

If you already have access to JETNET, use your JETNET login name and password to access the EFDA Users web site.

For technical support or to recover lost passwords please email helpdesk-pc AT jet.efda DOT org

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2) JETNET (JET’s computer facilities):

To request access to JETNET (e. g. experimental data) download the PDF and fill in the Application Form. Please note that it is imperative that the form is signed by

  • your Head of Association or
  • the Responsible Officer of the Collaboration Agreement.

Completed forms should be faxed directly to the office of the Remote Access Responsible Officer on fax number:
+44 1235 46 4415. Do not return the completed form by email. In case of doubt please contact us.