Task Force structure revised, Task Force Leaders appointed

…e Wall. Task Force E1 Task Force E1 will be responsible for the first operation of JET with the ITER-Like Wall during restart and for the progressive expansion of the operational domain closer to ITER-relevant plasmas. Rudolf Neu (IPP, Germany) has been appointed Task Force E1 Leader and Emmanuel Joffrin (CEA, France); Marie-Line Mayoral (CCFE former UKAEA, UK) and Marc Beurskens (CCFE, UK) have been appointed Deputy Task Force Leaders. Task Forc…

JET 2007 report and future programme by the EFDA Associate Leader for JET

On Tuesday 22nd January 2008, Dr Francesco Romanelli, EFDA Associate Leader for JET, presented the JET 2007 highlights and future programme in a seminar at the JET site. In his talk, Dr Romanelli outlined the recent news regarding fusion, the 2007 JET main results and events, including the activities undertaken […]

Planning for the JET 2008 Experimental Programme

In comparison with recent years, the process of elaborating the Experimental Programme of JET has been revised for 2008 to further improve the coherence of the Programme. The aim is to ensure a common understanding of the main scientific issues and to define the expertise required so as to achieve […]

JET 2006 Report and Future Programme

On 15th January 2007, Dr Francesco Romanelli (EFDA Associate Leader for JET) presented the JET 2006 report and future programme in a seminar at the JET site.