Banana orbits in a tokamak

From doughnuts to bananas

Fusion physicists have taken the lead from Andy Warhol and elevated the banana to iconic status.

ELM cartoon

ELMs – friend or foe?

ELMs in a tokamak have nothing to do with the long-lived, solid, serene tree.

Plasma-Wall Interaction Physicist Dr Kalle Heinola refurbishing a tile diagnostic in the beryllium handling facility.

An airport for JET

Every component going into JET goes through the beryllium handling facility for a security screening and a passport check

Electrons in a fusion plasma are not brightly coloured, and there are about the same number of them as there are ions (image: Phil Dooley)

A negative influence

Sprinkled amongst the ions in a fusion plasma, electrons are small but significant.

Map of locations of EFDA associates throughout EU

EFDA – About Us

EFDA catalyses collaboration in European fusion research

Ten tokamak models, manufactured for IPP Prague's school outreach.

Ten Tokamaks

Czech students have access to not just one model tokamak to learn about fusion. Not even two…

On July 1 2013 Croatia joined the EU taking the tally of nations working in EFDA to 29.

29 EU countries working on fusion

Welcome Croatia, who joined the EU – and Europe’s fusion program – on July 1st.

Cover montage for Fusion in Europe July 13

New issue of Fusion in Europe now available

New bumper edition of our newsletter! JET’s 30th – future plans and past successes – plus the view from the top from Commissioner Oettinger.

CCFE's Katie Fraser (right) shows the remote handling control room to EUCYS prizewinner Timm Piper (centre) and work experience student Eleanor Trimby.

A large, microscopic impact

EFDA welcomes Timm Piper, prizewinner in the EU contest for Young Scientists.

Fusenet certificate recognises qualified fusion scientists

The quality stamp for Generation ITER

A new educational currency has been launched in the form of Fusion Masters and PhD Certificates, awarded by Europe’s fusion education network FuseNet.