picture of Donato Palumbo

The architect of the European fusion programme passed away

Donato is the architect of the European fusion programme. He has worked for fusion in a tireless way for several decades – travelling between Brussels and fusion centres world-wide. Paul Rebut, in 1986 on the occasion of Donato Palumbo’s retirement on which he was given the title “Honorary Director-General of […]

Dr Roy Bickerton passed away

Dr R J (Roy) Bickerton died suddenly at the age of 82 at his home in Cumnor.


Prof. Dr. Hannspeter Winter, Director of the Institut für Allgemeine Physik of the Vienna University for Technology and Head of Research Unit of the Association EURATOM-ÖAW, has suddenly and unexpectedly died on 8 November 2006.  In 1996, Prof. Dr. Hannspeter Winter was appointed Head of Research Unit of the then […]