Ten years ago ten new countries joined the European Union.

10 new countries

Major changes were afoot for EFDA ten years ago, as ten countries signed a treaty to join the European Union.

Achieving fusion depends on three parameters

Lawson’s three criteria

In the fifties it seemed nearly impossible, but we are on the brink of creating the conditions for fusion power

The neutrons produced by a fusion reaction have an extraordinary amount of energy - 14.1 mega-electron volts - equating to a speed of 18 kilometres per second

14.1 mega-electron volts

Fusion produces particles with more than a million times more energy than coal does.

Number of the Week 900

900 seconds of stable plasma

JET experiments will help ITER achieve a plasma world record.

Six orders of magnitude - a magic figure for fusion

Six orders of magnitude

The world of fusion seems a million miles away from every day life

Modelling of the global energy market shows that in 2100 fusion could provide 36% of the world's electricity.

36% of the electricity market for fusion

Modelling of the future global energy mix shows that fusion has a big role to play.

ITER will be a 2150 times more efficient fusion reactor than the sun.

More powerful than the sun

ITER will be 2150 times more efficient than the sun.

illustration of the number 600

Inconel 600

A super-hot plasma needs a super-alloy

picture of Number of the Week: 81374

Pulse number 81374

In 81374 pulses at JET we have learnt a lot!

picture of number 0.00002

20 millionths of a millibar of gas

The pressure inside JET is 50 milllion times less than the atmosphere around us.