picture of JET at Rimini Meeting

Rimini Meeting

EFDA presented its flagship, the Joint European Torus, JET at the traditional Rimini Meeting.

Experimental Programme in the pipeline

We are all extremely pleased with the outcome and I wish to thank the Task Force Leaders, Task Force members and the Associations for the extraordinary amount and quality of the work they have done in preparation of the meeting. George Sips, organiser of the meeting The second General Planning […]

picture of EIROforum Assembly participant group

EIROforum Council meets at JET

EIROforum Press Release On 8/9 November, the EIROforum Council met at JET for its regular Autumn Assembly. The Council comprises the Directors General (or equivalent) of the partner organisations CERN, EFDA-JET, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF and ILL. These are Europe’s largest research facilities covering particle physics, fusion, molecular biology, space […]

picture of EFDA "Plasma Control and Stability" Topical Group Participants - March 2010

Magnetohydrodynamics goes international

…trong and efficient link between JET and all EFDA topical groups. Lorne’s introduction was followed by Duarte Borba, Responsible Officer for this Topical Group, who summarized the 2010 EFDA work-programme. Last but not least, Rudi Koslowski, leader of the JET Task Force Magnetohydrodynamics, recalled the major research topics: “In 2008-2009 JET has obtained a large number of key results in our field and addressed a broad portfolio of topics.” Mor…

picture of the participants General Planning Meeting 2010

Participation is important

From 1-5 March, the “1st General Planning Meeting” was held at the JET. In total around 120 participants contributed in person or remotely to preparate the experimental programme in 2011 and beyond.

Monitoring Meeting on Fusion Technology

The second semi-Annual Monitoring Meeting on Fusion Technology took place at the Joint European Torus (JET) from December 01-04, 2009. The meeting was aiming to monitor the tasks running under the Fusion Technology Work-Programmes.

CODAS rehearsals completed

JET is currently coming to the end of a “Shutdown” period – a time when substantial maintenance work and upgrades to the Facilities are performed while the JET machine is not in operation. Shutdowns are not a relaxing time for CODAS, the department responsible for JET’s Control and Data Acquisition […]