JET operation secured until 2018

After months of preparation, the European Commission and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy signed the operation contract for Europe’s largest fusion experiment.

‘Potential for major cost savings in ITER’

Lorne Horton, Head of the JET Department in EFDA , comments on the recent Nature article.

picture of picture of surveillance system for the interior of JET

Scientific Vandalism helps ITER

Scientists at JET, the world’s largest fusion energy research facility, have been deliberately melting parts of their own machine as they test materials for the fusion reactors of the future. These apparent acts of scientific vandalism are actually courageous experiments which have yielded valuable information for ITER.

Plasma-Wall Interaction Physicist Dr Kalle Heinola refurbishing a tile diagnostic in the beryllium handling facility.

An airport for JET

Every component going into JET goes through the beryllium handling facility for a security screening and a passport check

Session Leader Maximos Tsalas shows Paul-Henri Rebut the infra-red camera view of JET. "It was a pleasure and an honour to have this ten minute chat with Monsieur Rebut"

How far we have come

Two days of celebrations took us from JET’s first pulse – a tiny blip on an oscilloscope – to its current role as the biggest tokamak in the world.

JET celebrates JET – and ITER

The world’s largest fusion device, the Joint European Torus (JET), has passed a landmark 30 years of operation – but researchers are firmly focused on JET’s continuing role as a test bed for the international fusion experiment ITER, being built in the south of France.

June 25th, 1983: First director of JET Hans-Otto Wüster (lower right) shows his pleasure at the success of JET's first plasma pulse, in the temporary control room in the Assembly Hall.

30 years of JET – Paving the way for ITER’s take-off

Happy 30th anniversary JET!

Phil Morgan title

Recollections of JET – Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan recalls how the torus assumed a crazy angle during the first plasma… Filmed at the time of the 25th anniversary in 2008

Internal inspection of the centre tube following the removal of the P1 Coils during the JET Tile Exchange Intervention - November 2012

Journey to the centre of the torus

A team of explorers has been sent to the heart of JET…

Michel Huguet video title page

Recollections of JET – Michel Huguet

Michel Huguet recalls ten years leading up to JET’s first plasma, from the very first design team meetings in 1973, through to last minute problem solving days before the event. Filmed at the time of JET’s 25th anniversary in 2008.