ELM cartoon

ELMs – friend or foe?

ELMs in a tokamak have nothing to do with the long-lived, solid, serene tree.

Plasma-Wall Interaction Physicist Dr Kalle Heinola refurbishing a tile diagnostic in the beryllium handling facility.

An airport for JET

Every component going into JET goes through the beryllium handling facility for a security screening and a passport check

Internal inspection of the centre tube following the removal of the P1 Coils during the JET Tile Exchange Intervention - November 2012

Journey to the centre of the torus

A team of explorers has been sent to the heart of JET…

As well as being artistic, JET's moody lighting in this picture has a scientific purpose - an investigation into reflections from its metallic surfaces.

Pump down begins

Maintenance completed, pump down has commenced on a “cleaner than expected” JET torus.

The neutron source safely encased in a one tonne polythene container is lowered into the remote handling transfer facility

Neutron calibration completed

It’s a tricky process making sure you are measuring your fusion power correctly.

Shift Tech Keith Taylor at the ready for any untoward occurrences at JET.

The eyes and ears of JET

While others caroused during the Christmas – New Year break, the Shift Techs and Incident Response Officers were on duty 24 hours a day.

A busy year ahead: During 2013, experiments at JET will build on the excellent progress during 2012

2013: High performance, high temperatures and high spirits!

In its 30th year of operation, JET is preparing to push its performance to even higher levels.

The deuterium-tritium reaction is never far from a fusion physicist's mind, even when on a beach holiday.

Successful experimental campaign closes

As JET goes into a period of maintenance and upgrade, staff prepare to work hard during shutdown.

infrared image of the ITER-like Wall

The ITER-Like Wall in the limelight

Six months of successful experimentation with the ITER-Like Wall will be celebrated at the Plasma Surface Interaction Conference this week.

JET Vessel, 1991

1991: Fusion power is born

Fusion power was born with the first D-T experiment 20 years ago.