Prizewinning 2012 EU Contest for Young Scientists, Timm Piper from Germany visiting the Jet facilities - July 2013

Timm Piper – EUCYS 2012 prizewinner

JET’s prizewinner in the EU Contest for Young Scientists 2012 was Timm Piper. Timm won a week at JET as his prize for his project entitled “New Insights into the Microcosm”

Phil Morgan title

Recollections of JET – Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan recalls how the torus assumed a crazy angle during the first plasma… Filmed at the time of the 25th anniversary in 2008

Michel Huguet video title page

Recollections of JET – Michel Huguet

Michel Huguet recalls ten years leading up to JET’s first plasma, from the very first design team meetings in 1973, through to last minute problem solving days before the event. Filmed at the time of JET’s 25th anniversary in 2008.

The neutron source safely encased in a one tonne polythene container is lowered into the remote handling transfer facility

Neutron calibration completed

It’s a tricky process making sure you are measuring your fusion power correctly.

The new remote handling demo from Fusion Expo challenges Phil Dooley's skills. Tim Powell from JET's remote handling team looks on.

Getting a Grip – Remote Handling at JET

There’s a new exhibit in EFDA’s Fusion Expo, the Remote Handling Experience. Host Dr Phil Dooley gets one of the remote handling professionals from JET, Tim Powell, to try it out. After showing how the demo should be done, Tim takes us to see the real Remote Handling control room […]

Image: Tranquility 2 by Rob-Keller from

Fusion draws on Japanese traditions

Japanese ceramics have a long history of elegance – now they are providing an elegant solution to tritium containment.

picture of Claus Madsen

A lot remains to be done

In 1980 Claus Madsen joined the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Since then he has shaped ESO’s Public Affairs activities. His favourite topics are the various aspects of the interactions between science and society. Like ESO, EFDA JET is a member of the European Intergovernmental Research Organisation’s Forum (EIROforum for short; […]

ITER Director-General Kaname Ikeda – “Stakes are high”

The stakes are high for Kaname Ikeda, the new director of the world´s biggest ever fusion experiment. Kaname Ikeda is not a fusion scientist, but has dealt extensively with fusion researchers while moving up the ranks of Japan´s science administration. His manifold experience in both national and international project management […]

picture of Jake Martin

Traveling half the globe

Nineteen year-old high school student Jake Martin travelled half the globe from Auckland, New Zealand to Culham to redeem his prize – last week he looked behind the scenes of JET. After passing a national competition in New Zealand, Jake Martin gained a travel scholarship to go to the “European […]

Interview with Francesco Romanelli

On March 23rd, the EFDA Steering Committee appointed Francesco Romanelli to the role of EFDA Leader. For the time being, he will also remain the EFDA Associate Leader for JET. Read more about his future plans. ? Francesco, what is your strategy for EFDA? Francesco Romanelli:“EFDA should implement goal-oriented activities […]