The new remote handling demo from Fusion Expo challenges Phil Dooley's skills. Tim Powell from JET's remote handling team looks on.

Getting a Grip – Remote Handling at JET

There’s a new exhibit in EFDA’s Fusion Expo, the Remote Handling Experience. Host Dr Phil Dooley gets one of the remote handling professionals from JET, Tim Powell, to try it out. After showing how the demo should be done, Tim takes us to see the real Remote Handling control room […]

CCFE's Joana Silva explains fusion to a rapt audience at the Big Bang Fair

Fusion occurs in Big Bang

Thousands of students thronged to CCFE’s stand at the Big Bang Science Fair in London


Jacob’s Ladder – Controlling lightning

Jacob’s Ladder is a demonstration from Fusion Expo that creates a sustained discharge – effectively lightning – between two electrodes. This crackling spark writhing its way up the electrodes is one of the quintessential props from early sci-fi movies. This Jacob’s Ladder is from Fusion Expo and is demonstrated by […]

European Energy Conference participants are put to work refurbishing a tokamak during their coffee break in Maastricht.

Getting a feel for fusion energy

Participants at the European Energy Conference had more than coffee to keep them entertained in their breaks.