Prizewinning 2012 EU Contest for Young Scientists, Timm Piper from Germany visiting the Jet facilities - July 2013

Timm Piper – EUCYS 2012 prizewinner

JET’s prizewinner in the EU Contest for Young Scientists 2012 was Timm Piper. Timm won a week at JET as his prize for his project entitled “New Insights into the Microcosm”

CCFE's Katie Fraser (right) shows the remote handling control room to EUCYS prizewinner Timm Piper (centre) and work experience student Eleanor Trimby.

A large, microscopic impact

EFDA welcomes Timm Piper, prizewinner in the EU contest for Young Scientists.

Azza Faiad, prizewinner of 2011 European Union Contest for Young Scientists

Making use of rubbish wins Azza a prize

Azza Faiad from Egypt is a prize winner in this year’s European Union Contest for Young Scientists, run by EIROforum. For her impressing work the jury awarded her the EFDA prize – a week’s placement at the JET facility.

Prizewinner Azza Faiad (left) gets inside fusion in the in-vessel training facility with Rasha Dwedar and Nourwanda Sourour.

Believing everything is possible

Egyptian school student Azza Faiad was inspired greatly by her week at JET – a prize she won in the EU Contest for young scientists.

picture of Janis Smits, EUCYS Prizewinner 2010

Janis inspired by “hardcore” science

A student prizewinner from Latvia finds a visit to JET an illuminating experience.

picture of Claus Madsen

A lot remains to be done

In 1980 Claus Madsen joined the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Since then he has shaped ESO’s Public Affairs activities. His favourite topics are the various aspects of the interactions between science and society. Like ESO, EFDA JET is a member of the European Intergovernmental Research Organisation’s Forum (EIROforum for short; […]

Science in School

Happy birthday Science in School

EIROforum’s quarterly magazine, which encourages communication between teachers and scientists, was launched five years ago.

picture of EIROforum Assembly participant group

EIROforum Council meets at JET

EIROforum Press Release On 8/9 November, the EIROforum Council met at JET for its regular Autumn Assembly. The Council comprises the Directors General (or equivalent) of the partner organisations CERN, EFDA-JET, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF and ILL. These are Europe’s largest research facilities covering particle physics, fusion, molecular biology, space […]

picture of Francesco Romanelli and price winner

EIROforum chair hands out prizes

In Lisbon (Portugal) EFDA Leader and current chair of the EIROforum Francesco Romanelli handed out all seven EIROforum prize certificates. The prestigious European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) was initiated in 1989 by the European Commission. The contest shall encourage talented students to follow their passion. Almost all projects […]

picture of Jake Martin

Traveling half the globe

Nineteen year-old high school student Jake Martin travelled half the globe from Auckland, New Zealand to Culham to redeem his prize – last week he looked behind the scenes of JET. After passing a national competition in New Zealand, Jake Martin gained a travel scholarship to go to the “European […]