Image: FuseNet

First diploma of the 2-year Master in Fusion Science and Technology at TU/e

Monday 25th of August 2014 saw the award of the very first diploma of the new MSc programme Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion, at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands.

How to operate a tokamak

The new app ‘Operation Tokamak’ invites gamers to have a go at realising fusion power.

All the FuseNet students with their certificates and FuseNet organisers.

Fusion students get their reward …

The first students were awarded their FuseNet European Fusion Master’s / Doctorate on Sep 26

Banana orbits in a tokamak

From doughnuts to bananas

Fusion physicists have taken the lead from Andy Warhol and elevated the banana to iconic status.

ELM cartoon

ELMs – friend or foe?

ELMs in a tokamak have nothing to do with the long-lived, solid, serene tree.

Electrons in a fusion plasma are not brightly coloured, and there are about the same number of them as there are ions (image: Phil Dooley)

A negative influence

Sprinkled amongst the ions in a fusion plasma, electrons are small but significant.

Ten tokamak models, manufactured for IPP Prague's school outreach.

Ten Tokamaks

Czech students have access to not just one model tokamak to learn about fusion. Not even two…

Prizewinning 2012 EU Contest for Young Scientists, Timm Piper from Germany visiting the Jet facilities - July 2013

Timm Piper – EUCYS 2012 prizewinner

JET’s prizewinner in the EU Contest for Young Scientists 2012 was Timm Piper. Timm won a week at JET as his prize for his project entitled “New Insights into the Microcosm”

Fusenet certificate recognises qualified fusion scientists

The quality stamp for Generation ITER

A new educational currency has been launched in the form of Fusion Masters and PhD Certificates, awarded by Europe’s fusion education network FuseNet.

Rapt audience members watch Luca Snoj's lecture

Slovenian crowds get to the heart of ITER and JET

Ljubljana, Slovenia: A public lecture about fusion, including a live feed from JET and ITER, has lecture theatres overflowing.