All the FuseNet students with their certificates and FuseNet organisers.

Fusion students get their reward …

The first students were awarded their FuseNet European Fusion Master’s / Doctorate on Sep 26

picture of picture of surveillance system for the interior of JET

Scientific Vandalism helps ITER

Scientists at JET, the world’s largest fusion energy research facility, have been deliberately melting parts of their own machine as they test materials for the fusion reactors of the future. These apparent acts of scientific vandalism are actually courageous experiments which have yielded valuable information for ITER.

Electrons in a fusion plasma are not brightly coloured, and there are about the same number of them as there are ions (image: Phil Dooley)

A negative influence

Sprinkled amongst the ions in a fusion plasma, electrons are small but significant.

Ten tokamak models, manufactured for IPP Prague's school outreach.

Ten Tokamaks

Czech students have access to not just one model tokamak to learn about fusion. Not even two…

On July 1 2013 Croatia joined the EU taking the tally of nations working in EFDA to 29.

29 EU countries working on fusion

Welcome Croatia, who joined the EU – and Europe’s fusion program – on July 1st.

CCFE's Katie Fraser (right) shows the remote handling control room to EUCYS prizewinner Timm Piper (centre) and work experience student Eleanor Trimby.

A large, microscopic impact

EFDA welcomes Timm Piper, prizewinner in the EU contest for Young Scientists.

Session Leader Maximos Tsalas shows Paul-Henri Rebut the infra-red camera view of JET. "It was a pleasure and an honour to have this ten minute chat with Monsieur Rebut"

How far we have come

Two days of celebrations took us from JET’s first pulse – a tiny blip on an oscilloscope – to its current role as the biggest tokamak in the world.

Phil Morgan title

Recollections of JET – Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan recalls how the torus assumed a crazy angle during the first plasma… Filmed at the time of the 25th anniversary in 2008

Image: Tranquility 2 by Rob-Keller from

Fusion draws on Japanese traditions

Japanese ceramics have a long history of elegance – now they are providing an elegant solution to tritium containment.

Korean Delegation visits EFDA Garching

Bridging the gap

“Gap“ was a much-used word in a talk given by G.S. Lee on February 18 at EFDA in Garching, Germany. Lee, who had already helped establishing the South-Korean fusion programme, leads the country’s activities towards a demonstration fusion reactor DEMO.