3D modelling of the plasma – Langmuir Probe interaction in a turbulent framework

Project summary: One of the main issues of research on magnetically controlled fusion is the understanding of mechanisms driving particle and energy losses in the edge of the plasma. It is now widely acknowledged that turbulent transport is responsible for most of these losses. In order to validate and constrain […]

Various PhD positions at the CRPP / EPFL

The CRPP is the Swiss national competence centre for plasma physics and fusion and, at the same time, it is an important part of a world-class academic institution, the EPFL, in which it is also geographically integrated. As a consequence, CRPP is in a privileged position to provide education and training over a large spectrum of plasma physics and fusion related subjects, using world-class research infrastructure and proficient supervision.

Fusion Academy

Crash course in Fusion Science and Technology organized by Dr. Rogers Jaspers

PhD positions at CEA

PhD positions for 2014 at IRFM