Multi-probe array to measure plasma turbulence in 3D (Photo: Gregor Birkenmeier, IPP)

IPP scientist honoured for fundamental contribution to plasma turbulence research

An award-winning measuring instrument

How to operate a tokamak

The new app ‘Operation Tokamak’ invites gamers to have a go at realising fusion power.

Programme Manager position open

Find more details in our career’s section.

roadmap illustration

Roadmap turns reality

2014 vigorously starts with the implementation of the European roadmap to the realisation of fusion electricity.

Despite Budget cuts fusion funding secured

Last month European Fusion researchers received good news from Brussels. After months of negotiations between the European Parliament and the European Commission the research and innovation budget was agreed on.

All the FuseNet students with their certificates and FuseNet organisers.

Fusion students get their reward …

The first students were awarded their FuseNet European Fusion Master’s / Doctorate on Sep 26

Banana orbits in a tokamak

From doughnuts to bananas

Fusion physicists have taken the lead from Andy Warhol and elevated the banana to iconic status.

ELM cartoon

ELMs – friend or foe?

ELMs in a tokamak have nothing to do with the long-lived, solid, serene tree.

picture of picture of surveillance system for the interior of JET

Scientific Vandalism helps ITER

Scientists at JET, the world’s largest fusion energy research facility, have been deliberately melting parts of their own machine as they test materials for the fusion reactors of the future. These apparent acts of scientific vandalism are actually courageous experiments which have yielded valuable information for ITER.

Plasma-Wall Interaction Physicist Dr Kalle Heinola refurbishing a tile diagnostic in the beryllium handling facility.

An airport for JET

Every component going into JET goes through the beryllium handling facility for a security screening and a passport check